Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you

Bobby and I would like to thank all of our friends and family for their support during the past two weeks. Please click on this LINK to hear a special thank you from Bobby.


paige maddex said...

Thanks, Dad - for your phone call. Your kind words mean so much. We love you all!

Michelle said...

Paige & Bobby,
I'm privileged to have been able to share your grief in the loss of little Adrien. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

It's interesting that after returning home, I struggled with some of the same issues Bobby raised in the podcast. He referred to it, I believe, as 'choosing to grieve in silence' because our culture is not accustomed to openly grieving miscarriages.

My thought was more along the lines of "all this for a miscarriage?" And then I came to the same conclusion. Yes.

ALL this for a life God chose to give, then chose to take in His timing. All this to stand by grieving friends and family, to recognize life is life, whether inside the womb or out, to openly grieve the hard, hard oh, so hard! times in life, when only through Christ and community can we bear the hardness of it all.

Thank you for that beautiful podcast, and allowing me, although of a different church tradition, to enter into your grief.


paige maddex said...

Thank you, sweet Michelle. We were honored to have you with us.