Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Weekend in Review"

Sweet Molly prepares a "Week in Review" for her in-laws to see what the Chesterton Sabourins have been up to. Following her example, I've decided to post a little "weekend in review" for my family that's away.

Early Friday morning Bobby left for Guatemala. Although I haven't been able to talk to him by phone, we have emailed and he sent a couple of pictures:

Bobby at Vespers

Bobby with a resident of the Orphanage

I am so interested to hear details. From what he says, the orphanage is actually located in a violent section of Guatemala City and is surrounded by huge gates. The generous women of my book club here in Chesterton donated spiral notebooks, clothes, seeds for planting, and more for Bobby to take. We're so grateful for their help!

In his absence, the girls and I were faced with the choice of sitting around the house bickering or finding an adventure. We chose the later and decided on a children's museum in St. Joseph's, MI (about 30 miles up the lake Michigan coast):

Isabelle wants a rock climbing wall in our new house.

They both loved face painting!

Jane loved the water exhibit.

All in all it was a successful trip - complete only by the huge carousel ride!

Coming home is a different thing, though. It makes me realize just how much Bobby does with the girls! Thank goodness for our local library's plentiful supply of princess movies.

Oh - some other very good news: We found out Friday evening that Isabelle is accepted into Discovery Charter School. Check out the school's website - I think it looks really great.

I did want to include this, too:

Although a less than flattering shot, I had to include something that documented this pregnancy. I mean, I've reached the 6 month mark - Yea!!

Anyway - it's been a full weekend and we're only at Saturday night. Tomorrow Molly is having us over for Mother's Day. And while I would love to be celebrating your birthday with you tomorrow, Dad, and Mother's Day with you, Mom, I'm grateful that Tonya and Molly are just around the corner - especially with Bobby out of the country!

We love you all!