Thursday, December 31, 2009


So now I am into eating. Really, I'm into shopping for the food, making the food, the science of making the food and the people who made making food great. At the top of my list is my mother - whose chicken pot pie will nourish your soul. Next is Julia Child. I realize that it is quite cliche - and even a bit lame and after the fact to be a Julia Child fan now - but I mean really! I had no idea. Thank you big blockbuster.

I mean aside from the liberal, communist, and politcal packaging, Julia Child was pretty amazing. I mean no wonder she inspired Julie Powell (who disappointingly went on to cheat on her husband and write a weird book about meat) but the point is, that was a woman committed to creating quality food for her husband and friends (and herself). She was opposed to taking the easy way out with mixes and margarine. The media honors her as a feminist - whatever - I think she's on to something. In fact, I think that her integrity, sense of humor and love for her husband have done more for me than even she would like to acknowledge.

For Christmas I made Beauf Bourgenon. I can't even spell it, but I did make it. I took time to purchase quality ingredients, set aside time for recipe assembly - I even got the right pot (thanks John and Tonya). It was marvelous. People clapped and I wore pearls. Tomorrow I am making her Chocolate Almond Cake and I'd like to think that my beloved grandmother, Patsy Beth Parker would look down on me and smile.

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Season:

Much love to you all - Happy New Year - and of course, bon appetite!