Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Even to me, this feels like an obnoxious amount of writing about my girls - "they're cute, aren't they?" - I feel I'm begging with each post. While that may be the slightest bit true (first rule of therapy - know thyself and all) I really have another agenda in mind:
1) Document (for the sake of incomplete baby books) - I mean it's sad when you only have two children and they ask - "what did I do when i was a baby?" and you just look back at them sort of puzzled.

2) Update my parents. They live within an hour of their other grandbabies - I need to do something to level the playing field!

3) Avoid doing laundry. At present, my dryer is not working - and it's quite rainy. Hanging wet clothes all over my house seems like a nightmare. In fact - I have washed the same load 3 times as it keep cycling through stages of clean, musty and then moldy.

So - all of that to say...jane has some new words and phrases.

1. (I'm into lists today - I think it relieves the guilt caused by avoiding my "todo"). Anyway, her first new word is, "pothead" as in, I wear a pot on my head.

2. "Sure." This she picked up from her cousin, Mary. They both say it casually, as though they are fifteen and may have time for you if there's nothing better going on.

3. ""Super," as in I'm "super-cold," or "super hungry (hungee)"

4. "Privates," pronounced, "pie-vits" - as in "don't see mine," or "Happy Birthday to you, pievits." Hmmm.

5. This one, she says with her sister - they hold their hand next to their ear, imaginary phone style and pretend to call the "Tickle monster." "hello (hey-yo) tickle monsta?" Wherein the other sister attacks with tickles.

6. This last one is my favorite, "Nope, nope" as in, although I'm smiling, I absolutely refuse to do whatever it is you're asking of me (ie, come brush teeth, pick up toys, etc.) - and you can tell I'm serious, because I'm saying it twice.

Alright, Mom and Dad - this one was for you. Wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea and think Janie is all sugar and no spice!

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Ser said...

Oh, she is so, so cute! I know what you mean about feeling a little awkward writing about the kids so much--I often feel that my blog is "The Luke and Henry Show." But my reasons for writing are just the same as yours, with the added reason that I LOVE the wonderful parenting community that mama blogging creates. I mean, we wouldn't be in touch otherwise, right? But how great that we are.