Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've avoided writing  Christmas letters, rarely take family photos, and have never attempted any form of scrapbooking. The reason, I think, is the same one documented in my 1st dairy at age 7, "It is my birthday today. I hope no one sings to me at Sunday School." Well I don't know if it's the thousand miles separating Indiana from Texas or the fact that this week's Madmen is not "on demand," but I am desperate to share my life with my loved ones. 

My fancy sister-in-law/author Molly has 16 blogs and updates her, "Snapshot of the day," each weekday. I'm telling you right now that this will not be that kind of blog. In fact, it took 5 times to correctly copy the "authentication code" so that I could even log in. Frequent posts would mean that my husband, Bobby, would have to quite his job to watch our girls.  

Anyway, my hope is simply to fill you in on our lives here in Chesterton. Maybe it will help bridge the gap between visits. All my love, Paige

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Molly Sabourin said...

Oh boy, I am tingling with excitement because you know I love blogging with all my heart :). Really, though, what a wonderful gift you are giving to loved ones far away. You have such a beautiful family!