Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Sweet, sweet, Jane..."

In Jr High, I lost my backpack - turns out, I had left it in the middle of the hallway. Some kid turned it into the counselor's office after tripping over it. Since then, I have lost my tennis clothes, my homework, my car keys, my house keys, and even my husband's wallet (as he recalls, it was before a three day weekend and we had to exchange wedding presents for food in order to survive, but he tends to exaggerate).

I have gotten much better. However, last night I lost my youngest daughter's green "bampet." She received this blanket from her grandmother when she was three days old, and has slept with it ever since. I say I lost it, because blaming her seems a bit cruel since she's not yet two. 

Anyway...lost the blanket and feared a long night ahead. We lost my oldest daughter's blanket once and after a night of screaming, I shelled out the $40 needed to replace it (I could only locate it's replica at the sortof pricey, Neiman Marcus). 

Well, there is no Neiman's in Chesterton, so I prepared myself to break the news about "bampet." "Janie, Mommy lost Bampet, you'll have to sleep with something else tonight," I braced myself.  Jane's face scrunched into a pout. "Jane's sad-mad," she said softly and then promptly picked out a fluffy scarf to snuggle with. This picture was taken about two seconds after receiving the news. Hmmm....either I'm getting better at this, or Jane's a pretty laid back kid.


Jenn said...

I don't know what her original blanket looked like, but she definitely wears this one well :)...what an adorable picture of your pretty little girl!! I love her precise expression of her emotions "Janie is sad-mad". I'm definitely going to use her format in the future to describe my own internal state!

bethany said...

sad-mad! i wish i had mj's composure