Monday, April 26, 2010

Mondays with Mary

On Mondays, my little niece Mary comes to play. Although she's small in stature, Mary's personality is anything but little. She's a born performer with big ideas and big style and is the perfect companion for my two girls. She falls just about between them, age wise, and although there's always a few, "you huurt my feelings," for the most part there's harmony.

Today they played store - for hours. Representative of our crazy little town, their store featured baked goods, beaded necklaces and art. And with giggling girls as background noise, I was able to complete work for Ancient Faith Radio (most of which is due on Mondays) and Bobby was able to work mostly uninterrupted.

Thank you, sweet Mary. What would we do without you?


Beth said...

Beautiful pictures. Miss you and your precious crew.

Molly Sabourin said...

And that is exactly why she wakes up early on Mondays, gets dressed by herself and waits for 45 minutes by the front door for you to come and pick her up. What sweet memories those girls are making!

Thanks for loving my Mary!